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After suffering a serious injury or loss, it is important to consult with an attorney before accepting any settlement presented to you by your employer or the insurance company. Accepting such offers or settlements usually prevents you from later taking legal action to receive fair compensation for all of your injuries and financial losses.

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June 2015

Attorney Laura Rodriguez reaches a settlement of more than $300,000 for a Spanish-speaking Louisiana longshoreman who suffered several injuries from a fall while working for one of Louisiana’s largest shipbuilders. The settlement amount was in addition to the medical and indemnity benefits paid by the insurance company.

December 2010

Attorney Laur Rodriguez reaches a $250,000 settlement for a Louisiana longshoreman who suffered a lower back injury while sandbagging a boat. The settlement amount was in addition to medical benefits paid by the insurance company.

November 2010

Attorney Laura Rodriguez reaches a $250,000 settlement for an injured Louisiana worker on a claim, following the federal Outer Mainland Lands Act, who suffered a neck injury while climbing the ladder of a crane located on an oil rig. The settlement amount was in addition to medical benefits paid by the insurance company.

May 2010

A longshoreman client of Attorney Laura Rodriguez received a jury verdict in the amount of $1.55 million dollars. This client was involved in an accident at the Port of Houston when a yard mule truck crashed into the truck from which his client was unloading materials. Attorney Laura Rodriguez’s client had to undergo neck surgery on a disc level.