After suffering a workplace injury, workers often go through a period of suffering because they lack financial resources. For this reason, they may make the mistake of relying on their employer and the insurance company. But unfortunately, companies try to keep expenses to a minimum and you may be left on your own when you are injured. In short, when an employee suffers a workplace injury, he or she needs a friend and legal counsel.


When a workplace injury occurs, it is common for employers to schedule a doctor’s visit. In fact, their insurer generally requires medical verification of injuries. However, it is imperative that workers understand that the treating physician may not have their best interest in mind. There may be no malpractice involved, but, in other words, the doctor chosen by the company may be trying to protect them from a claim for higher compensation.

Laura Y. Rodriguez, P.C. can help workers in the area locate an impartial doctor, who will provide a fair assessment of damages. This medical report can then become part of the record necessary to persuade a court to decide in favor of the client or the other side to accept a fair settlement offer.


Personal injury claims, like work-related accidents, allow for two types of damage awards: compensatory and punitive. In Louisiana, compensatory damages are the most common type. Courts award these monetary awards to recompense the injured person for such things as medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitation costs. Attorney Laura Y. Rodriguez, P.C. has experience accumulating the documentation and other evidence necessary to legitimize the amount a client has lost due to an accident.

Louisiana allows for a limited range of punitive damages. This monetary award punishes the defendant for the callous negligence that resulted in the accident. It is possible, in cases where the offending company is from a state with a broad range of punitive categories, for courts to allow them in Louisiana (Civil Code 3546).


There are many accident and injury cases that do not reach trial. Sometimes, a settlement better serves the interests of justice.  Our law firm has highly experienced negotiators who are familiar with the amounts generally awarded to workers in particular accidents.